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Best Tactical pen

Tactical pens are known for their features as much as their ability to stand up to some heavy abuse. They are designed to be used practically anywhere, under the roughest and toughest conditions. Military personnel use them every day in rain, cold weather, zero G’s environments and other places that aren’t usually conducive to writing. If a consumer wants to ensure that their tactical pen will work well or them wherever they are, then they need to look for the features that matter to them.

If the pen is to be used as a self-defense mechanism, then it need to be not only sturdy but also able to inflict some damage. We prefer the pens that have adjustable spikes for this. With a click, the pen’s writing point can be extended to something a bit more practical for stabbing in self-defense use. Of course, it needs to be backed up by a very sturdy design that won’t fall apart under some abuse.

Another feature that many people look for in a tactical pen is illumination. Pen lights are nothing new, but tactical pens provide powerful illumination, and the best ones have long-lasting batteries and extremely powerful beams that make them as useful as any flashlight. These are versatile tools that come in handy in a pinch and ensure that the user doesn’t have to carry around extra equipment to perform common field tasks.

A feature that is often overlooked but is going to prove more important the more the pen is used is comfort. Some pens just feel right once a person starts writing with them and they feel like they are a perfect fit for any hand. They are ergonomically designed and can easily open and close, covert to other tools and slide in and out of pockets without any trouble. The site best tactical defense pen covers this in depth and reviews many pens with an eye for how comfortable they are to use.

That’s important for people who are going to be using these pens anywhere they need to do some writing- whether out on the field or in classroom. They need to have the best tactical defense pen, and that means that one that has all the features that are relevant to them.