Natural Remedies

Fleas are more common than you might think and can come from a range of places. Once you’ve got them it can be difficult to get rid of them and a lot of the time you’re reliant on expensive medical treatments. Essential oils are now being used to help with a number of different medical issues that are affecting people’s daily lives.

Essential Oil for Fleas

Essential oils are entirely natural and that means there are no unpleasant side effects. They’ve also affordable and accessible to everyone, most essential oils can be ordered simply online.

Essential oils have become more popular because they can be very effective. By using the right ingredients you can see some impressive results quickly, so whether you’re looking for a sore throat treatment, or a cure for fleas you really need to give essential oils a try.

What causes fleas?

Fleas can come from a lot of different places which makes them difficult to prevent. They are often spread from other people who haven’t yet noticed the signs, this is more common with children and it’s the reason fleas can infect a whole school. Another very common source for fleas is from household pets. Dogs and cats are out in the elements and are a main target for fleas. Once on your pet it’s a short trip to your hair and from there the irritation begins.

Fleas feed on your blood in a similar way to mosquitoes. They bite the body and this itself can be painful and irritating. Once they have bitten you your body releases histamine to combat them. This defence mechanism often results in red itchy lumps on the surface of the skin.

You should always be vigilant for the telltale signs in yourself and your family. Red swollen lumps and extreme itching are most common, but after a time the fleas will spread to other areas of your body so beware of secondary infections.

The best protection from fleas is to protect your pets with specialised products to remove fleas but they aren’t always effective. You should always look for the signs and get your treatment as soon as possible to stop them spreading.

Essential Oils for Fleas

When looking for an essential oil to help treat your fleas you’ll want to look for something which deals with the problem and the symptoms. This means finding an essential oil or blend which can help you alleviate any short term issues, but also rid you of fleas.

There are a number of products available to deal with fleas but because the market is so crowded we’ve identified the key ingredients you should look out for when selecting your essential oil:

  • Lemongrass

Lemongrass works as a preventative measure and to rid you of fleas. It contains citral and geraniol, these are both ingredients which can repel insects such as fleas and make your hair uninhabitable for them. The scent works to help repel insects and can be used on your pets too.

  • Lavender Oil

Pretty much the most well known and popular essential oil, lavender is used to purify and clean wounds. It helps clean you and even your pets by removing any dirt which attracts small insects like fleas. The clean scent helps repel fleas and keep them away from your hair. Lavender also helps with the healing process by soothing irritated skin and prevents any continued infestation.

A combination of the above ingredients will give the best results but make sure you check out our Essential Oil Flea Treatment