DIY Router Tables

Simple Router Table

Woodwork is one of the most common hobbies among adults in the Western world. Being able to take a few hours away from the pressures of family and work life and create something truly special is a gift and woodwork really is it’s own reward. Plus you can create some stunning pieces for your home!

If you’re serious about your woodwork, professionally or casually, then there are certain tools you just need. Handsaws and tools like it are of course essential, but if you’re serious about your craft then a router table is the way to go.

Traditionally handheld routers have been used in woodwork, and while they work well the router tables offer some real benefits. Router tables are much more accurate, designed to create perfectly accurate cutting. They also allow you to use a wider range of templates in your work, letting you create more.

A router table is a pretty simple concept. A router is mounted to the underside of a table with a few inches poking through. This allows you to feed wood or other materials across the blade, cutting evenly.

A router table therefore allows you greater accuracy, more control and better woodwork.

DIY Router Tables

All of the big names in the industry have a range of router tables. In fact router tables are now very popular all over, you don’t have to look far to get your first router table and get started.

However if you’re already a proficient craftsman then there is an alternative, build your own router table.

Building your own router table instead of buying one has a number of benefits. Firstly you can save a lot of money. Router tables are fairly simple pieces of equipment that only use a few different materials, this means you can get the goods you need cheaply and not pay for labour.

Secondly you can customise how your router table works. By incorporating faster mechanisms and more robust equipment you can make something unique which works well on your specific project. By adding storage options you make the table even more useful to your home.

Finally you get to customise your style. Use the materials you want, apply the finishes and paint how you like. A DIY router table is exactly how you envisage it so you can make sure it looks great and works well.

Building your Router Table

Building a tool that will help you build more things sounds pretty impressive, but in reality it isn’t too difficult to do. The simplest way to get it made is to follow a plan online and we’ve sourced over 40 different templates for you to follow.

Check out all the router table plans here and learn how good it is to DIY!

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